Yoga And Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda have so much in common, and have roots in India. The two ancient methods originated from India saints thousands of years ago.
The ancient Indian Scriptures, the Vedas, contain detailed descriptions of the human body which mainly revolves around Tri-Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), the specific body property.

According to Ayurveda, our body must have a balanced state of these Doshas for overall wellness. It utilizes different combinations of herbs, plants, and minerals, and foods that are known to balance the body. The Vedas also include information on the benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda. In a nutshell, Ayurveda educates you to live a healthy life for longer by following some ancient healing formulations and physical practices. Yoga is a combination of several physical practices that help enhance body functioning effectively. Vishwam is well-versed with both the healing methodologies and these are core of our healing services. Many patients have been benefited from this wonderful combination. 

Ayurveda is the most ancient system of medicines based on the principles of natural healing through herbal formulations and diet restrictions. This ancient system of medicine utilizes herbs and drugs, bodywork, rituals, mantras, meditation, and other natural therapies to treat and cure  body and mind ailments. Those who practice Ayurveda believe that living in harmony with nature is essential to overall health and wellbeing. The science of Karma is also an important part of Ayurveda.

Yoga and Ayurveda are essentially the same system of medicine, although there are subtle differences. Both emphasize the cultivation of Sattva, the most important principle in Ayurveda. Both systems emphasize the use of specific herbs to correct imbalances in the body and mind, and both can enhance the healing process and the quality of life. When combined, these systems can help people improve their health and live happier, more fulfilled lives.

What can Ayurveda and Yoga combination do for you?


Yoga and Ayurveda together work wonders. They not only cure and rejuvenate the body but also the mind and soul. Unlike modern forms of medicine, Ayurveda focuses on the embodied nature of the individual. It teaches the mind and body to heal itself by focusing on the root causes of illness and removing obstacles to wellness. Along with this ancient form of healing, Yoga practices like Asanas, breathing activities and some small yogic exercises promote overall body and mind wellness by balancing the body’s internal energies like doshas, dhatus, etc. In short, Yoga enhances the overall body functioning naturally by balancing core energies of the body. Where breathing exercises (Pranayama) repairs and nourishes each cell of the body, on the other hand, Asanas strengthen bones and muscles along with increasing flexibility of the body. 

Ayurveda is the oldest form of medicine and called the mother of all conventional treatment methods. It is a holistic way to treat your health and primarily focuses on herbal formulations in its treatment. After a combination of Yoga, Ayurveda became more effective and powerful. 

While Yoga is often thought of as a supporting healing technique in Ayurveda, it’s an effective natural tool for preventing and treating diseases.

Yoga is a therapeutic practice that primarily aims to improve the physical and mental state of an individual. The practice of Ayurveda helps to balance an individual’s constitution. It has several uses for individuals. The aim of practicing yoga is to enhance the health of the individual by nourishing the cells and other core elements of the body to improve overall health; physical, mental and spiritual. The more Ayurvedic practices, the better. The higher the ayurvedic techniques, the more likely they are to be effective.

The combination of Yoga and Ayurveda is a powerful, holistic system of medicine that will transform your life. It will enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Using both of these systems together will help you achieve a healthy, and balanced lifestyle. 

By using both methods of healing and rejuvenation, you can transform yourself into the healthiest person you can be. You can choose to focus on either one or ayurveda alone, or combine them for a greater impact on your overall health.

How Can Vishwam Ayurveda help you?

At Vishwam, we guide you to adopt these natural healing systems to heal your body without any consequences. For years, we are deeply into Ayurvedic science and Yoga therefore suggest what combination can be better for you as per your body type.

Learn to adopt Ayurveda and Yoga to take your life to a path of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.