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Ayurvedic Immunity Packages

                Boost your Immunity naturally with Ayurvedic therapies 


Our natural immune defense mechanism is constantly compromised overexposure to the pollution around us, chemicals used as coloring agents, additives and preservatives in processed foods, juices, and beverages, the physical and emotional stress levels that we go through. We are often baffled by repeated upper respiratory illnesses like flu, cough, sinusitis; gastrointestinal disorders like intermittent stomach upsets, abdominal colic; minor infections of the eyes and ears, etc. Seldom do we realize that most of these discomforts are caused by invasion of the body by microbial pathogens from outside. A weak immune system is easy to be breached by any pathogen – fungus, protozoa, bacteria, or virus-ultimately leading to complications that can result in varying degrees of confinement and eventually health problems. Therefore, it’s the need of the hour to keep the immune system strong in order to prevent many health disorders caused by the above-mentioned pathogens. It is also beneficial in defeating any severe disease.

Allopathic hospitals utilize drugs and various chemicals-containing medications in the treatment of most of the ailments. And prolonged use of such medications can cause deterioration of your immune system. Instead of benefitting your body, and helping you gain your normal health, Allopathy can make your condition even worse after providing you a short relief by suppressing your underlying complications of the disease. Don’t worry, Vishwam Ayurveda is there for your rescue with natural and Ayurvedic healing. It also offers a variety of Immunity boosting Ayurvedic packages for different age groups of people. 

Immunity has become a highlighted and hot topic these days, especially after the pandemic of COVID-19. Here at Vishwam Ayurveda, you can take benefits of Ayurvedic therapies and techniques which are truly effective in reviving and boosting your immunity. 

Some important Immunity packages from Vishwam Ayurveda are described below;  

  • Immunity package for kids 

Suvarna bindu- It is an Ayurvedic technique to enhance immunity and improve intelligence in children.

Suvarna bindu Prashana is effective for preventing upper respiratory tract infections, common cold, and flu. 

Micro-fine gold particles are used with medicated Ayurvedic ghee and honey in unequal amounts.  

  • Immunity package for adults
  • Sarvang Abhyanga ( Full body massage with medicated oil and Ghee depending upon the body type.

Vamana Therapy 

Vamana therapy is a significant Ayurvedic technique that improves digestion, metabolism power by expelling out aggressive Kapha dosha. 

It helps restore normal health by increasing strength, nourishment, and immunity. 

This therapy also improves fertility, virility, and also sexual power.

Virechana Therapy

  • This ancient Ayurvedic technique flushes out toxins and unnecessary mucus from the body. 
  • It also clears congestion of the liver and improves metabolism and fat digestion. 
  • It also provides relief in many gastrointestinal disorders. 
  • It also cleanses the body from poisoning.

Basti ( for both adults and kids) 

Basti therapy is so effective in treating disorders that arise from abdominal Vata. It is used to treat disorders such as chronic constipation, low back pain, Sciatica, Gout Arthritis, PCOD, and Parkinson’s disease, etc. 


This Ayurvedic therapy has many benefits which include 

  • Developing and strengthening the upper body parts. 
  • It also strengthens the visual site of a person.
  • It also helps get rid of grey hair.


Raktamokshan is an Ayurvedic therapy that has several health benefits. It treats all types of skin problems, hyperlipidemia, leucoderma, psoriasis, etc. 

It is beneficial in heart problems, hypertension, and obesity. 

At Vishwam Ayurveda, special treatment is provided for the special child ( Children having Autism, Down Syndrome, or any other generation). 

Vishwam Ayurveda is a trusted name providing a highly effective Immunity package for different people after analyzing their vital body energies. With a knack for Ayurveda and its healing techniques, therapies, and formulations, Vishwam Ayurveda has gained a huge family. In recent times due to COVID, there was a huge demand for Immunity boosting therapies and medications. In this condition, Vishwam Ayurveda helped numerous clients to improve their immunity fully based on Ayurvedic principles. The key feature of our Immunity package is that it is completely personalized and it’s completely free from any kind of consequences.

If you or any of your dear ones fall ill most often without any underlying prolonged health problem, it’s time to check your/their immunity. In order to boost immunity, Vishwam Ayurveda can be your final destination.

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