PCOD in Ayurveda

Cure PCOD with an ancient, natural & safe treatment system


PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a metabolic disorder found in women. It is a condition associated with hormonal imbalances, which is a major health hazard. Besides being a nuisance, the condition can adversely affect a woman’s appearance. Commonly, women rely on conventional treatment to cure this problem. However, Ayurvedic treatment hospitals can provide the best PCOD treatment. Vishwam Ayurveda is also a name in the list of top Ayurvedic hospitals providing quality treatment for PCOD in Ayurveda.  


Vishwam Ayurveda’s approach to cure PCOD


Being a good knack for Ayurveda, Vishwam has expertise in curing PCOD using Ayurvedic methods, therapies, and herbal medications. Since Ayurveda works on the deep causes of a health disorder, it offers a permanent cure.   

Since Vata is responsible for the movement of the hormones and Pitta is responsible for the hormonal balance; the disturbance of these doshas are involved in PCOD.     

Ayurveda has a special understanding of the menstrual cycle and believes that PCOD can have a variety of causes. In some cases, it can impact the ability to conceive and lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. As such, it is essential to understand the nature of PCOD and offer a natural treatment for it.  

The treatment options for PCOD in Ayurveda are numerous and vary in duration. These include Panchakarma, medications, diet changes, and other methods. Detoxification is an integral part of PCOD treatment in Ayurveda. The entire detoxification process is done to cleanse and purify the body internally. It involves restoring the menstrual cycle, strengthening the reproductive system, and balancing the hormones. Mainly, Panchkarma is done at Vishwam to cleanse, balance, and rejuvenate the body naturally. 

  • Herbal formulations 

Along with, treatment for PCOD in Ayurveda involves intake of herbal medications and also some lifestyle changes. The patient also receives a holistic massage to remove toxins if required.  

  • Weight loss therapy 

The ayurvedic treatment for PCOD also includes a special weight-loss therapy called Udwarthanam, which involves applying a deep tissue massage to the ovaries. This helps relieve water retention.

  • Personalized Diet 

One of the most effective and successful aspects is dietary change. A balanced diet is essential to curb symptoms of PCOD also promote the treatment system. It also helps the female reproductive system perform its necessary functions.

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, a balanced diet is also helpful in managing the emotional side-effects of PCOD. Ayurveda treats the disorder by addressing the underlying toxins. Moreover, Vishwam also works on any other aspect of the disease and prescribes treatment that can eliminate cysts, balance the menstruation cycle, and aid conception by working on the core. 

The dietary component plays a crucial role in this disease. The reason is, poor digestion leads to poor metabolism and, ultimately, to obesity which causes disturbance in hormones. While a woman can’t conceive naturally, her reproductive organs are affected by the hormones she releases. So, a proper and personalized diet can help in prevention as well as cure of PCOD. This is why it’s so important to follow a balanced diet.


Why should you rely on Vishwam Ayurveda for PCOD?


The Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD by Vishwam Ayurveda focuses on boosting metabolism and restoring the normal balance of the hormones in women. We have a healthy record of curing PCOD treatment with the magical healing power of Ayurveda, and therefore you can count on us.

With qualitative Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD from Vishwam Ayurveda, you can achieve your normal and natural health once again and regain your normal menstrual cycle.