Neck Pain in Ayurveda

Neck pain is a common problem for 70 percent of the population. Depending on the cause, neck pain can last from days to months or sometimes years as well. Commonly poor posture can causes neck pain but it will last only for a few days. Apart from, osteoarthritis, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, physical stress and strain, tumors and some other health conditions can be responsible for neck pain. Neck pain can be acute or chronic as per their causes. 

When it comes to neck pain treatment, it varies from patient to patient as per the type and cause. Vishwam offers the best treatment neck pain treatment in Ayurveda providing permanent relief naturally. 

Why is Ayurveda so effective in neck pain treatment? 


Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain basically depends on its underlying causes or disorders behind it like bad posture, bone weakness, and stress. Ayurveda’s primary approach is to address the cause of your neck pain. Ayurveda treats pain by working on the disturbed Doshas responsible for   

Vata and Kapha dosha. Ayurveda can also relieve the pain that is related to the spinal cord or muscles.  

Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain focuses on balancing Vata dosha in the body and correcting other other factors like stress. Proper posture is also important, and it’s important to avoid strenuous exercise. Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain varies from patient to patient as per the body constitution and nature like acute or chronic. 

Acute neck pain is usually sudden and intense, while chronic neck pain is gradual and occurs gradually. 

Ayurveda’s treatment for neck pain focuses on herbal remedies, therapies and some Yoga stances. Some herbs for neck pain treatment include gokshura, bala, ashwagandha, garlic, and triphala. These herbs are used to manage neck pain in Ayurveda by working on its root causes. Other medicines may include topical treatments, oral preparations, massage and oral medications. 

Ayurveda treatments for neck pain is highly effective as it works on the causes and symptoms of neck pain simultaneously. If you’ve been experiencing neck pain, it’s important to seek medical care immediately if it lasts more than a few days. 

Ayurvedic treatment process for neck pain goes as identification of cause of neck pain, determining the body type of patients and then preparing a personalised treatment accordingly.  

 Afterward, it focuses on the specific causes of the problem and addresses the symptoms of the condition. Most people who suffer from neck pain don’t need to seek medical attention, but it can be difficult to treat the pain. Luckily, Ayurveda has a number of remedies for neck pain, and the most effective one will depend on the type of ailment.

Apart from herbal medications and natural therapies, an Ayurvedic practitioner also suggests massage with warm oil is a common remedy for neck pain, and it should be given in a circular motion. It can also be done in a vertical motion. The application of warm oil can also reduce the stiffness and pain in the area. It is also advisable to take a hot water bath, and milk and leafy vegetables can be taken on a regular basis to reduce Vata. 

The most common Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain involves applying a black gram paste to the affected area, which will help retain the medication. Another Ayurvedic medicine for neck pain is Simbananda Guggulu, a resin extract from the guggulu plant. Several other Ayurvedic remedies for neck pain are available at a leading Ayurveda clinic.

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