Rahul CEO

I was suffering from a chronic stress condition due to the death of a loved one in the past and this was largely affecting my health & work. My one close friend who was undergoing the frozen shoulder treatment at Vishwam Ayurveda suggested consulting here. After months of treatment, I was quite surprised by the positive changes that I experienced in my mind as well as my health. I have learned to better cope with my stress condition. The overall ayurvedic treatment helped a lot in calming my mind and now I feel much lighter & happier in my life. I highly recommend Vishwam Ayurveda for the best ayurvedic treatment. I'm very grateful to them for providing this new life.

Arvind Manager

I had a long history of uncontrolled sugar levels which started affecting my other organs in the body. Also, I was experiencing the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. I was largely dependent on medicines for controlling my sugar but they couldn't control my diabetes. I became depressed. I started the ayurvedic treatment at Vishwam Ayurveda on the advice of my mother. Now, I can confidently suggest the same to anyone else also to take treatment here. Not only does my sugar level remain in control, but I also feel like starting a new phase of my life. I ate a balanced diet & practiced the yoga & meditation exercises prescribed by them regularly. These methods were easy to follow. I'm no longer dependent on medicines now.

Karun Manager

Hello. I want to share my life-changing experience with Vishwam Ayurveda. Some time back, I was diagnosed with insomnia. I was living quite a stressful life. I was put on medications by the doctor but didn't feel any positive change. I wasn't able to focus on my work and started developing other health issues too. Then, I undertook the complete ayurvedic treatment which included the use of 100% natural methods that helped me completely in restoring my natural sleep cycle. They made changes to my diet & lifestyle habits which have now become part of my daily life cycle. Now, I feel more energetic & live a joyful life. Thank you so much Vishwam Ayurveda for teaching me the new perspective of living life with ayurvedic principles.

Abhishek Accounted

One year back, I suffered from a frozen shoulder condition which affected my shoulder's movement completely. There was so much pain. I tried different therapies, massages & medications and did my best to cure my condition. Symptoms were reduced for some time but weren't useful in the long term. After spending lots of money, my condition was only worsening, to the point I was completely dependent on anti-inflammatory medicines. Then I researched ayurvedic treatment and consulted with doctors at Vishwam Ayurveda. After the first therapy session, there was a great relief from pain. Soon after some time, my shoulder's movement started restoring with regular therapy sessions & herbal oils massages. Even they do regular follow-ups to monitor my condition. Very thankful to them for bringing this great change and recommending it to everyone suffering from a frozen shoulder condition.