Sleeplessness in Ayurveda

For a sound mind and body, you need proper sleep. Due to sedentary lifestyles, People are suffering from sleeplessness disorders. They find themselves unable to take a sound sleep, which directly affects their daily activities by hampering the productivity & health of the body. A sound sleep is very important for performing daily life activities with a fresh mood & lots of energy. 

Sleepless conditions are also called “ Insomnia.” This condition has become common among people due to modern lifestyle practices.

Modern treatment methods don’t focus on solving the issue from its root cause but on reducing the effects of symptoms. Ayurvedic practices mainly target the root causes which triggered the sleepless condition.


The Root cause for Sleeplessness in Ayurveda


Three vital components of the body are responsible for creating a balance are Vata ( governed by air ), dosha, pitta (governed by fire ), dosha & Kapha ( water & earth ) dosha. Their imbalances result in creating sleep disorders in the body.

 There are many factors responsible for causing an imbalance of vital dosha’s in the body are –

  • Excessive intake of caffeine drinks such as tea, coffee, etc.
  • Low nutrition diet
  • Impurities build up in the body
  • Increased intake of alcohol
  • Excessive use of smartphones & computers.
  • Stressful & hectic lifestyle
  • Not doing exercises
  • Improper sleep schedule
  • Consuming heavy meals at night


Ayurvedic Treatment at Vishwam Ayurveda


Ancient Practices used in Ayurvedic Treatment focus on finding the root cause of the problem and taking required measures for the overall holistic healing of an individual.

The Major focus is to cause the balance of all three vital doshas in the body through natural ayurvedic practices which leads to maintaining the natural sleep cycle.

Sleepless Treatment in Ayurveda Includes a combination of different practices which are as follows-

  • Personalized Balanced Diet Plan – A balanced diet helps in containing all nutrients essential for healthy functioning. Strict avoidance of deep-fried fast foods & spicy foods harms the digestion process.
  • Personalized Advice for Lifestyle MaintenanceUse of Ayurvedic remedies for sleep disorders – This includes the use of different ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Vacha, Sarpagandha, Jatamansi, etc. which are very effective in treating sleeplessness as they relax & calm down the nerves without causing any side effects. 
  • Ayurvedic Therapies & Panchkarma Therapies helps in cleansing our intestines, body detoxification, reducing anxieties & hypersensitivity conditions.
  • Massage of head, feet & body using Ayurvedic Herbal Oils – In Ayurveda, massaging holds utmost importance, and it is really effective in providing natural treatment for sleeplessness from Ayurveda.
  • Yoga Practices – India is known for yoga and it is considered best for blood circulation and healthy sound and mind.
  • Personalized Exercise plans – Exercises must be an important part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Meditation Sessions – Meditation helps a lot in calming down overstressing situations. This is one of the easiest ways to restore sound sleep.

 Other Benefits of choosing our services are – 

  • Use of 100% Natural methods
  • Customized Plans on individual’s need
  • Access our Plans sitting at your home
  • Complete support & guidance throughout the process
  • Simple to follow lifestyle changes
  • Consultation with our experts & experienced doctors at every step.

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