Frozen Shoulder in Ayurveda

What is Frozen Shoulder and how it’s caused?


Frozen shoulder is called “Ababahuka” in Ayurveda. Frozen shoulder is specifically referred for shoulder joints. This condition is caused by harm or imbalance to Vata ( imbalance of air & space in the body ), along with pitta & Kapha responsible for maintaining a perfect balance in the body. Accumulation of vata in joints results in absorbing fluid of the musculoskeletal which further results in stiffness or inflammation of the musculoskeletal. The Range of motion of shoulder joints or mobility gets affected as they become thicker & tighter. Pain is caused due to inflammation in joints.

There are 2 causes mentioned in Ayurveda for frozen shoulder-

  1. Internal cause – Internal causes include irregular eating habits & excessive consumption of pungent foods ( vegetables such as garlic, onions, radish, raw spinach, chilies, etc., grains, mustard seeds & spices such as cloves, cardamom, hing, paprika, etc. ), bitter foods & fast foods.
  2. External Cause- Joints inflammation due to wrong sleeping posture or injury.


Is Frozen Shoulder Curable?


Yes, It is curable if the root cause is diagnosed correctly. Frozen shoulder is not a permanent condition and can be cured through proper consultation, guidance & treatment by natural remedies. Ayurvedic treatments focus on natural treatment for frozen shoulder. We have achieved complete 100% treatment of frozen shoulder with our ayurvedic methodologies with our team of experienced doctors. Other health risks are also reduced as ayurvedic methods detoxify the body. Toxins accumulation results in causing many health problems in the body.


How can Ayurveda help you to cure Frozen Shoulder?


Modern science treatment focuses on suppressing or curing the symptoms rather than solving the problems from their root cause. Doctors use heavy steroids & drugs for treatment which have other side effects on the body in the long run. The Best way to cure frozen shoulder conditions is through Ayurveda (our ancient healing methods). That’s what our main focus is – to focus on the root cause which caused the condition and then set of procedures & natural home remedies for frozen shoulder.

The sole purpose remains the same to create the balance of Vata in the body. But the balancing procedure includes several things which we are going to tell you further. Our Complete procedures include-

  • Holistic Healing methods
  • Inclusion of Balanced diet ( proper nutrition foods )
  • Yoga Practices
  • Healthier Lifestyle Practices
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Treatment through powerful medicinal herbs
  • Ayurvedic medicines
  • Natural therapies
  • Herbal oils massage
  • Sets of Exercises 

Note – We use Ayurvedic methods and medicines, which are 100% pure and safe. So, you don’t need to worry about the therapy and its overall impact on your health.

Enjoy many benefits like-

  • Customized plan based on individual’s health status
  • Get treatment from anywhere through our online sessions.
  • The diagnosed person can easily follow simple practices.
  • Guidance by Specialists at each step of treatment.
  • Follow-up sessions

Cure frozen shoulder at home with our online consultations from experts through video calls.

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