Diabetes in Ayurveda

Ayurveda: A Cure For Diabetes or Not


How many times do you search for different ways to manage your diabetes? Or do you repeatedly inspect your level of blood sugar? Many people generally ask such types of questions to each other. 

Well, diabetes has become a common problem in the world. It has affected a person not only physically but also mentally. You might find this disease a life-threatening condition. But, simply and effectively, it can be cured. 

We, as Vishwam Ayurveda, provide natural remedies to manage diabetes with Ayurveda. You can contact us easily. Now, let’s discuss all about diabetes and diabetes with Ayurveda.


What is diabetes & what are its types?


Diabetes (type 1 and type 2) is a type of chronic disease that arises when your body doesn’t make sufficient insulin. It can also arise when your body doesn’t actually use produced insulin. The food we eat is mostly turned into sugar or glucose, which further produces energy in the body. 

On the other hand, it is found that increased blood sugar is an expected result of unchecked diabetes.

Broadly, there are three types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes usually occurs due to an autoimmune or genetic response in the body. It is a type of diabetes that a person cannot prevent. You can find this type of diabetes at any age. The person needs to take insulin every day for type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes: Type 2 diabetes occurs when enough insulin is not produced in the body. It can also occur when the body of the person becomes insulin-resistant. Commonly, people of middle and older age have type 2 diabetes. The people who are not physically active and are overweight also have type 2 diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes from which pregnant women suffer a lot. It is caused by a combo of environmental and genetic risk factors. Typically the blood sugar level returns to normal after the baby’s birth. 


How does Ayurveda cure diabetes?


It is a fact that Ayurveda has grown rapidly. It has developed ways to manage and cure diabetes. In Ayurveda, diabetes is named “madhumey .”You might be thinking about how to cure diabetes with Ayurveda?  

As suggested by Ayurveda, you can follow a few easy and quick remedies to cure diabetes. Beneath are a few, have a read:

  • You should keep a stock of methi dana at your home as a cure for diabetes in Ayurveda. Each morning you can have methi dana damped in water.
  • Ayurveda suggests that to cure diabetes, put a glass of water in copper vessels at night and in the morning drink the water to balance the blood sugar level.
  • Bring turmeric into your daily diet. This natural remedy control blood sugar levels naturally. 
  • Follow the Kapha-calming diet and take more vegetables and bitter herbs in your meal.
  • A ginger cup of tea can reduce extra Kapha in your system. 
  • Avoid intake of excessive amounts of sweets, high-fat dairy products, and carbohydrates.
  • Take half a teaspoon of turmeric, ground bay leaf, and mix it with one tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Take it at least twice a day to maintain the blood sugar level. 

A diabetic person should take care of their diet. Diabetes in ayurvedic can be cured in many ways. I hope we have provided you with a lot of useful information. If you have more suggestions or queries, we will assist you. You just have to reach us, and we have the solution for Diabetes treatment as per Ayurveda.