Knee Pain in Ayurveda

Knee pain is a health condition that can make your life worse as it affects your day-to-day and doesn’t allow you to do your daily chores freely without any pain. The condition worsens with time and causes many problems further if not managed properly.  

Causes of Knee pain 


The common causes of knee pain are age-factor, any injury or high stress on knee or weak bones, etc. 

Apart from them, osteoarthritis is a very common problem that affects the knees. It is the result of inflammation, biomechanics, and cellular imbalances in the cartilage that covers your bones. Over time, your bones lose their elasticity and stiffen, reducing your mobility and inhibiting your ability to enjoy optimal health.

In this treatment, modern treatment can only help manage it with pain-killers that are too harmful for the other organs especially kidney, liver and heart. Since pain-killers are too harmful, a patient has to opt for surgery eventually which is complicated and also not provide a permanent relief. Whereas Ayurveda acts upon the root causes of the ailment thus can provide lasting relief.    

Knee pain in Ayurveda: why does it occur?  


According to Ayurveda, knee pain is often caused by an imbalance in the body’s doshas. Inflammation in the knee joint is caused by accumulation of toxin in the gut and colon. This inflammation is a symptom of immune dysfunction. 

Poor digestion causes Ama, a toxic substance, which is what exacerbates knee pain. There may be a few more body disturbances that can alleviate knee pain.  

Knee pain treatment in Ayurveda 


Ayurveda has many remedies that can help with your knee pain condition. Ayurveda treats knee pain through a cause and effect theory. It believes that the cause of knee pain is different for each individual, and it will be treated according to your unique body constitution. For example, if you’re prone to knee pain during cold weather, a hot therapy may be necessary to alleviate the discomfort. If your pain is caused by an infection, a specific treatment will be necessary.

Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain focuses on removing toxins from the body and improving the natural body functionality. In this direction, an Ayurvedic practitioner suggests herbal medications, and some ancient therapies such as massage, Panchkarma, etc. In other words, similar to other body ailments treatment in Ayurveda, knee pain treatment in Ayurveda also involves a detoxification process. 

Additionally, Ayurvedic treatment also targets the underlying symptoms and manages them with  herbal medicines and solutions. In most cases of knee pain, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the pain is, and only an expert Ayurvedic practitioner can help; which is why it is so important to find a good ayurveda practitioner.

Ayurveda has many herbs that can treat knee pain. The use of guggulu, a sapote tree-like plant, has numerous benefits, including reducing inflammation. These herbs are staples of Ayurveda and are effective for a variety of different problems. Ayurveda believes that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected, and treating the whole person can help alleviate pain and improve the body’s health.

Ayurveda offers a variety of treatments for knee pain. Some of these treatments are based on herbs that are used in everyday life. Others are more sophisticated, but they all offer equivalent relief to conventional medicines. As a result, this holistic approach aims to correct the root cause of your knee pain. Along with herbal medications and therapies, it also suggests to follow some Yoga poses and breathing activities to improve mobility of the person. In a nutshell, you can say that it offers you natural and holistic ways to manage knee pain to live a healthier and fuller life. In order to maintain a healthy condition, it’s necessary to take care of your routine. 

Knee pain in Ayurveda treatment is free from any side-effects and thus it’s completely safe as well. While, if you choose conventional treatment, they can cause several health side-effects without providing lasting relief. 

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